2016 Fleeman Lecture

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Professor Emeritus John Carroll on

Dr Johnson and the Great Anglo Tradition

5:00 pm, Saturday 15th October

Tonic House, 386 Flinders Lane Melbourne

John Carroll’s work focuses on culture, and its crucial role in the human search for meaning, with particular reference to the modern Western society.

He will be arguing that England produced the two things that have made the modern world: industrialisation and parliamentary democracy. It developed the language that has become universal. From Waterloo on, it has not lost a major war. A particular culture has framed this achievement, one projected by leading figures from Tyndale and Shakespeare to Darwin and Churchill. Dr Johnson has a special place in the Anglo pantheon.

His recent books include: ‘The Wreck of Western Culture—Humanism Revisited’ and ‘The Existential Jesus’; His latest book  ‘Land of the Golden Cities—Australia’s Exceptional Prosperity and the Culture that Made It’ will be published this year .


For more information about this event or the Johnson Society, contact the Secretary, Ian Keese: keeseian@gmail.com