Quote of the month: February 2021  

Kindness is generally reciprocal; we are desirous of pleasing others, because we receive pleasure from them.

Rambler 166


Welcome to 2021

We are hopeful that in 2021 the Johnson Society of Australia will be able to resume some of our normal programs. Although the situation regarding the pandemic has improved in some parts of Australia and New Zealand, recent events in New South Wales and Victoria show that we can not take it for granted that we will be able to fully return to the situation to which we became accustomed.

The Committee will meet in mid-February to try to determine what is possible for 2021 and a program will appear on the website in early March. Members should also receive their first Newsletter for 2021 around this time.

In 2020 we did have an almost weekly variety of items as part of Southern Rambler series, and we would still welcome items for 2021 that could be included in our Newsletter. We are still working on how best to collect these in a more permanent form.

Some of us were fortunate to take part in a visit to the Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens, led by JSA member and Director of the RBGV, Tim Entwisle. There will be a report on this in our first Newsletter. Tim has agreed to do a repeat of this for those who missed out, and this is set for Saturday March 6. If you are interested please let Donna know (Donna46[at]live.com.au) and more details will be supplied to you.

Ian Keese