Quote of the month: October 2021  


Time, with all its celerity, moves slowly to him whose whole employment is to watch its flight.

Idler no. 21, September 2, 1758


The 2021 Program

The following is a brief summary of our 2021 Program so far. If you are interested in attending any event and want more details please use our Contact Page.

Saturday March 6 Repeat tour of the Herbarium and Botanic Gardens.

Sunday May 16 Guided tour of Art Gallery with focus on work of Joseph Wright of Derby 2;15 for 2;30 start

Saturday July 24 Annual Seminar with papers on Joshua Reynolds, Handel, Eighteenth Century Prints, Eighteenth Century Childrens’ books and rare books.

Saturday September 18 Annual Fleeman Lecture: Susannah Fullerton on “Dr Johnson and the Women of Scotland”