New JSA web site

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  • Post published:August 15, 2004
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The Johnson Society of Australia’s re-designed and updated web site was developed by JSA member Sam Reid, is user-friendly, easily navigated, and developed with a ‘content management system’ so that material can be edited, stored and displayed by non-technical people, which allows for timely updates.

There are few images to slow the loading of the pages, just the banner at the top of the home page carrying images of Johnson, Garrick, Mrs Thrale, and Boswell. The page is designed to avoid “fussy” features, thus allowing very quick access to any particular area of the site.

Above each article are three icons which allow the visitor to print out a copy of the article, download the article in Adobe PDF format or email it to someone else.

There is also an icon at the bottom of each page which, when clicked, takes the visitor to a page on the website of the World Wide Web Consortium – the standards body which defines technologies of the web – and attempts to “validate” for correctness and accessibility whatever page the visitor was on when they clicked the icon.

This helps to ensure that remains viewable in the future on as many different web browsers and devices as possible, and that it can be read by text-only and text-to-speech browsers which give access for sight-impaired people.

The new JSA site will be updated regularly and we will make every effort to ensure that both JSA members and casual visitors to the site will receive current news and information.